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Content Customers

Finding instead of searching - that is not only Incite's promise, it shows consistently throughout their work. Therefore it isn't too surprising that after years of searching for the proper instrument to help with our subject "think, act and work connected", we have found the perfect tools right here.

Eva Riedi Collen

With Incite we work with short paths and communicate on equal ground using "the same language". Marc and Ivan offer great solutions and make it fun to add value for customers as well as for our company.

Juliane Rembeck

Only those who consistently develop their know-how can stay at the top and are able to beat their competition. That is true for quality management within the company as well.

Dipl.-Ing./SFI Martin Erl


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Software Highlights

Link all your pieces of knowledge together to make connections and dependencies visible. Break out of the file-and-forget-mindset and make interconnected thinking and working possible in your organisation.

How much time do you currently lose searching for information?

With Incite Search, you find everything: It doesn't matter wether the information is in an internal editor, in attached files, in comments or in reviews. You can integrate local drives as well as the Sharepoint Server/Sharepoint Online into the search tool.

Draw process maps, organisation charts, visualized infographics and more without leaving Incite or paying for expensive extra-tools.

Model simple and complex processes in Incite and ensure your internal quality management.

By using icons and different colours, the categories of your elements become easier to understand and to remember. This way, different elements can be found quicker and easier.

With our Widgets, you can decide to add different features to all your elements of information and adjust them anytime.


Connected thinking and learning
File preview in pdf, Converter without any additional tool
Diagram, process maps, organisation charts, visualized infographics
Diagram, process maps, organisation charts, visualized infographics
Model Business Processes
Setting up the categories of elements with icons and colors
Adding functions to information elements

About us

Since 2003, we are a diverse team in which we complement, challenge and support each other. We are convinced that interconnected thinking is a pivotal factor in our digital world. Therefore, we have developed a software that makes finding relevant information and connecting it easy. Elements of information get linked together and become more accessible and sustainable.

We are your competent partner and provide you with a complete system that can be fully customized to your business, thanks to the Widget-Concept.

We are independent by developing our software ourselves in Switzerland and providing companies with an intuitive and modular system for organizing information.


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